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Schantz - Viennese fortepiano replica

Schantz fortepiano













My copies of these fortepianos can be found in Britain, Hungary and Sweden. The original is in the Holburne of Menstrie Museum in Bath http://www.bath.ac.uk/holburne/

Johann Schantz was the younger brother of Wenzel and took over the business on Wenzel’s death. This particular instrument was built probably between 1795 and 1800 and is veneered in Yew wood. Some similar ones he finished in Cherry. I offer these replicas in a choice of yew, cherry, European Walnut or burr walnut with cross banding in plain walnut.

Schantz made certain improvements to the fortepiano and introduced the divided bridge and individual checks to the Viennese instruments. His bridge design gives a good transition from the iron to brass strings and it means that the higher brass strings are not over stressed. As far as I known none of my Schantz copies has broken a string yet. The compass is just over five octaves FF-a3 which increases the usefulness considerably over earlier pianos. His six octaves instruments are extended versions of the same design and I am preparing to make the larger version soon.

Schantz was considered one of the top three makers in Vienna. Haydn, in particular, recommended and owned a ‘Schantz’. Saying “…everything is better expressed on a Schantz.”

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An excellent book Schanz The instrument of Princes * has been published in Italian with English and is available on the Villa Medici Giulini website http://www.villamedici-giulini.it/libri/schanz-lo-strumento-dei-principi.htm

* His earlier pianos show his name spelt with a ‘T’.